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We need your help

The Halesworth Arts Festival is a great enterprise but, like many charitable organisations these days, is constantly looking for new sources of funds to secure its future.

The proceeds from ticket sales account for only about 70% of the money it takes to run the Festival each year. Some of the rest comes from our sponsors and a few people who are kind enough to make an annual donation. The remainder has to come from our modest and fast dwindling reserves.

Would you consider helping us by making a donation? You can do this online today by pressing the button below which will take you to our secure PayPal site. You don't have to have a PayPal account, you can use a debit or credit card.

100% of your money goes to the Festival.

If you are eligible to gift aid your donation then please also complete our Gift Aid declaration form and return it to:

Halesworth Arts Festival
25, The Street, Wissett
Suffolk IP19 0JG

To set up regular payments, annual donations or legacies, please contact Matthew Wetmore, Festival Director (Please enable Javascript) or leave your details with the Box Office, who will arrange for him to contact you.

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